Runway 03LH

Our runways have chalk centre lines, these are easily worn out and become damaged especially in wet conditions. Please avoid putting your wheels on the centre lines. Runway 03 is 45 metres wide please land to the left or right!

Circuit Map -Click to enlarge

Google Earth Circuit Map 03 Left Hand

Runway 03 – At the end of the runway when safe, turn on to 010 degrees magnetic – on the downwind leg, aim for the lakes on the southern edge of the golf course.  Keep the A4 road on the left as a guide for the crosswind leg.  Leave the circuit either from the crosswind or downwind leg making sure you do NOT fly over any of the noise abatement areas to the north of the airfield – namely; Knowl Hill, Littlewick Green, Burchetts Green and Stubbings House.

OS Map Circuit 03 Left Hand

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