Fuel Information

West London Aero Club supplies fuel in the form of Avgas (100LL) and UL91 for Piston Engine Aircraft, and Jet A1/Avtur for Turbine/Jet Aircraft.

Various types of oil are also available.

Bowser facilities are used for Helicopter rotors-running refuelling but prior permission and payment will be required.  All fuel prices are per litre and are inclusive of VAT – Jet Vat is at 5%.  Confirmation that it is for commercial use will be needed.   As of 20th June 2020 the prices are as follows:

  • Avgas –  £1.50
  • UL91 – £1.90
  • Jet A1 –  £0.48

Visitors in fixed-wing aircraft uplifting 50 or more litres of Avgas or UL91 will receive a free landing.