Aircraft Rates

Aircraft Rates and Fleet

West London Aero Club offers a range of aircraft to meet the needs of its students and members. All aircraft are carefully maintained to ensure the highest level of safety.

The Club aircraft fleet includes a Piper Arrow, a Cessna 172, eleven Piper Warriors, two Super Cubs, a Saratoga, a Pitts Special, a Slingsby Firefly and a Tiger Moth.  Aircraft are available for private or solo hire (touring) and student (dual) training. Listed below are our main training and solo packages.  There are others not listed below, please call Operations and we can send you a comprehensive list.

Dual Training per hour Solo Hire per hour
Warrior PA28-161 £204 £168
Super Cub PA18-150 £180 £145
Cessna 172SP £180 +£50ph for instruction £180
Arrow PA28 180R £180 + £50ph for  instruction £180
Saratoga PA32R-301 £225 +£50ph for instruction £225
Pitts Special £235.00 + £42/session £235.00
Slingsby Firefly £239.00 £189.00

PA 28 Warrior Packages

2 Hour special
5 hour anytime 10 hour midweek special 10 hour anytime 20 hour anytime
Dual training £373 £995 £1887 £1980 £3918
Solo hire £296 £804 £1493 £1555

PPL Packages

  • 45 hours EASA PPL dual instruction in an Piper Warrior PA28 – 161 including all written exams and WLAC PPL Student workbook – £8126
  • 30 hours EASA LAPL dual instruction in a Piper Warrior PA28 – 161 including all written exams and WLAC PPL Student workbook- £5565

Additional information

  • Rates as from 2nd January 2017, inclusive of fuel, VAT, and home landing fees.
  • A cancellation fee of £30.00 may be charged if a lesson appointment is broken or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

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