AOPA Basic Aerobatics Course

AOPA and the BAeA, British Aerobatics Association, have designed the AOPA Basic Aerobatics syllabus in order to encourage those pilots who wish to become proficient in the basic aerobatic manoeuvres to undertake training through a properly structured formal course. The completion certificate indicates that the holder is competent to safely fly aerobatic manoeuvres for which they have been cleared for. The manoeuvres learnt will also enable the pilot to take part in the Beginners events organised by the BAeA.

The Course G-OCRM Slingsby Firefly

The course consists of a minimum of 8 hours dual flying with an instructor who is qualified to give aerobatic instruction. Instructors will have a proven aerobatic competition background up to a minimum level of Advanced. The theoretical knowledge section of the course also consists of 8 hours.

Who can do the course

Students may commence the course at any time after qualifying for a PPL. Even if you have received no differences training this can be incorporated within the course. Upon completion of the course students will have their competence assessed in the air by an AOPA registered instructor. This flight test is an additional flight above the 8 hours instructional flying. Upon successful completion of that test flight you can apply to AOPA for a certificate of course completion.

Flight Training;

• Loop
• Aileron Roll
• Barrel Roll
• Slow Roll
• Stall Turn
• Roll off the Top (half loop, half roll)
• Half Cuban Eight

Theoretical Knowledge Training;

1. Technical Subjects;
• Legislation affecting aerobatic flying
• Airframe and engine limitations
• Stalling & Spinning – principles of flight

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