Engineering Rates

Maintenance carried out to CAA LAMP schedule (aircraft constructed of all metal).

Single engined aircraft (non retractable)
50 hour £300
150 hour £800
Annual Inspection £2,300

Single engined aircraft (retractable gear)
50 hour £500
150 hour £1000
Annual Inspection £2,800

Twin engined aircraft
50 hour £600
150 hour £1,200
Annual Inspection £3,300

All engineering prices are exclusive of  Parts and VAT

Contact Engineering on 01628 823272/6 or send an email

Additional information:
Any spares, defect rectification, airworthiness directives/bulletins/modifications, duplicate inspections, at £47.00 per hour.

We will also be happy to give a competitive quote for wood and fabric aircraft. Avionics work and upgrades can be arranged through local Avionics providers.

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