All talks start at 7.30pm and supper will be available from the bar.
These events are usually for Club members, for more information please contact Operations on 01628 823272
Further information on Joystick Club events from Mike Clews or via the Joystick Club website

January 2019
Wed 9th Jan Stuart Eves The Moon, Mars, or beyond? Pros and cons of exploring these locations in the solar system with astronauts.
Wed 16th Jan Anne Hughes and Steve Slater Aviation peotry and nostalgia – Vintage Aircraft Club
Mon 21st Jan Joystick Club Major “Hook” Smith US Air Force
February 2019
Wed 13th Feb David Bremner Grandad’s Scout
Mon 25th Feb Joystick Club “Rivetting” Ron Mitcham flies the Atlantic in home built RV, with John Michie
Thurs 28th Feb “Almost Leap Year Night” Dinner/Dance with Michael Coe (Neil Diamond!) and Keith Old on accordion
March 2019
Mon March 11th Joystick Club Jake Brattle, British Junior Gliding Team
Weds March 13th Joystick Club John Lilley or Alan Pickford, The People’s Mosquito Project
Mon 25th March Joystick Club Emily Collett, Ultimate Aerobatics
April 2019
Weds 10th April Joystick Club Adam Spink, BA 38
May 2019
Weds 8th May Joystick Club Rich Graham, Blackbird (it’s Lonley at FL1200 and Mach 3.0)

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