Ground School

Welcome to West London Aero Club EASA PPL Ground School

You are required to pass nine written exams on your way to being awarded your Private Pilot’s Licence and we have a variety of different ground school classes that will enable you to achieve success in these written exams.

Your class options are:-

Fully Taught Courses which take you thoroughly through the subject instructing on all aspects. There will be a session at the end of the course to get you exam ready.

One to One Option is a flexible Fully Taught Course (FTC) and will be available to students who find the FTC courses do not fit in with their schedules. Of course, if there is more than one student wishing to take this option, the availability of student and instructor will determine dates and times. The course length is thus flexible and will depend on your progress. As with the FTC, there is a session at the end of the course to get you exam ready. Please be aware that One to One courses are available throughout the year.

Revision/Review Class: A must for all self-study students. You should have self studied the subject fully and this class will ensure that you are exam ready and prepares you to sit the written exams. These Revision/Review classes are stand-alone classes and are available to all PPL students.

On all the above options, the written exams are taken at the end of the last day.

These classes cover all nine subjects required.

The nine subjects are:

  1. Air Law: You should pass this exam before flying solo, so it’s recommended you do this course/exam first. (16 questions/35 minutes).
  1. Operational Procedures: The practical application of Air Law with respect to safety and operating rules. (12 questions/30 minutes).
  1. Aircraft General Knowledge: How an aircraft works. (16 questions/35 minutes).
  1. Principles of Flight: How an aircraft flies. (12 questions/35 minutes.
  1. Communications: What to say to who and when and what to listen for from Air Traffic Control. (12 questions/20 minutes). You also have to do a practical R/T, Radio Telephony, test for your licence.
  1. Human Factors and Limitations: Get to know your environment in the aircraft, how it affects you and how to best communicate with others on the aircraft and on the ground. (12 Questions/25 minutes).
  1. Navigation: How to navigate through the sky by preparing a flight plan, using maps, a navigation computer, radio frequencies and aerodrome plates. i.e. getting from point A to point B without getting ‘lost’. (12 questions/45 minutes).
  1. Flight Planning and Performance: How to get maximum performance and endurance from your aircraft by correct and accurate loading. (12 questions/45 minutes).
  1. Meteorology Weather is one of the most important factors in planning a safe flight. Know how to understand weather fully, how patterns form, change and how to understand forecasts. (16 questions/50 minutes).

All nine subjects have been sorted into modules

Module 1:  Aircraft General and Principles of Flight.

Module 2:  Meteorology, Human Factors and limitations.

Module 3:  Air Law / Operational Procedures and Communications.

Module 4:  Navigation

Module 5:  Flight Planning and Performance.


All exams must be completed within six sittings. (A sitting is defined by the CAA as a ten day period). When you have completed your first exam, you have eighteen months to complete the rest of your written exams and these exam passes are valid for two years.


Where is the WLAC Ground School located?
The Ground School is a CAA–ATO (Approved Training Organisation) The two classrooms are located at the far end of the bar in the clubhouse.

Do I have to take the courses/exams in any order?
No, but you should complete the Air Law exam before you fly your first solo.  The order in which you complete the other modules can be your choice but we recommend that modules 4 and 5 are the last to be taken.

I have completed some subjects with self-study, can I do the rest of my subjects with WLAC Ground School?
Yes, you can do some or all of your Ground School subjects with us and remember we have revision/review classes for self-study written exam preparation.

Do WLAC Ground School provide course notes?
Yes, course notes are provided and when confirmed on the course they will be sent to you electronically for you to print or download to the device of your choice, laptop, iPad or tablet.

Can you recommend any other ‘further reading’?
The provided course notes cover all subject information required. If you want further information you may wish to purchase Trevor Thom’s The Air Pilot’s Manual or equivalent and the PPL Question Simplifier. There are also various on line tutorials.

I have been having flying lessons in other EU countries, can I do my written exams at WLAC?
Yes, but you have to complete all your written exams in one state and they will then be valid throughout Europe.

What is the cost of the Ground School Courses?
A one-day course e.g. revision/review is £90 plus £25 per exam taken.
A two-day course is £180 plus £25 per exam taken.
A three-day course  £270 plus £25 per exam taken
One to one courses are £30ph.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, there are no hidden costs.

How to book
All courses must be paid for in advance. If you wish to take part, please contact Operations to register your interest.  Operations will then pass the information to the relevant TKI and they will contact you directly.



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