Runway 11LH

Runway 11 is a rough and undulating runway. To those not used to its characteristics it can present a bit of a challenge. To minimise any problems when landing or taking off avoid the chalk centre lines, these are easily worn out and become damaged especially in wet conditions. Runway 11 is 30 metres wide please land to the left or right!

Circuit Map -Click to enlarge

Google Earth Map Circuit 11 Left Hand

Runway 11 – After take-off, if departing to the North or West please follow the circuit pattern until the appropriate leg is reached or exit to the South on the base leg avoiding any noise abatement areas.  A right hand turnout from the upwind leg is prohibited and is likely to result in an infringement and a loss of separation.  Remain at 800ft QFE until the clear of the circuit.

OS Map Circuit 11 Left Hand


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