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Formation Flying Course
Why not add an exciting new dimension to your flying with a Formation Flying Course?
You don’t have to be a Red Arrows pilot to be able to fly in formation – The Elementary Formation Flying Course, EFFC, will teach you the basics of formation flying in an exciting, yet structured environment. The EFFC is a two-day course, offering a comprehensive and structured ground school with 5.5 hours of flight tuition. A buffet lunch is included each day. The EFFC is designed for the pilot that has little or no formation experience.

Why not contact us to broaden your skill set and have fantastic fun in the air. Only £1695

Slingsby Firefly
G-OCRM Slingsby FireflyThe Slingsby Firefly T67M G-OCRM is an all composite 160 HP aircraft. Equipped with two side by side seats and dual controls this machine is an ideal platform for touring through to basic aerobatic and stall spin awareness training. G-OCRM has a MTOW of 975KGS and will carry two 95 KG adults, 10KGS of baggage and 100 litres of fuel. That’s enough to get 3.5 hours away at a cruising speed of 105 knots! G-OCRM is a very good short field machine with large flaps, yet rugged undercarriage it’ll soak up most small strips with ease. G-OCRM will be offered for general hire as well as a Stall Spin Awareness Course and the AOPA Basic Aerobatics course. Hourly solo hire rates are £189 and dual £239

Carburettor Icing
Carburettor icing can be an issue at any time of the year. Please take time to study the CAA Safety Sense leaflet on Piston Engine Icing which can be found here.

Flying in France 
If you are going to be Flying in France this year make sure you take a look at the very handy guide that has been produced by WLAC member Pascal Pichon. Covering everything from the required documentation to airspace differences to some very useful French aviation terms. The guide can be found here. We have also updated our Flying Abroad  From White Waltham guide providing all the information that you need to fly abroad from White Waltham and that can be found here.

Circuit Pattern Video
We are currently in the process of creating videos that will demonstrate the correct circuit patterns. The video for runway 29RH is now available to be viewed here. Please do take a look at these videos and try to fly the correct circuit pattern.

Classic Warbird Experience Flights
We are able to offer Warbird Experience flights to both pilots and non-pilots alike. Experience the thrill of flying the classic North American SNJ-5 Harvard from our World War II aerodrome. For more details click here or contact Operations on (01628) 823272.

Noise Abatement Procedures
Our aim at White Waltham is to be part of the local community rather than an imposition upon it and to that end we have a well established set of procedures for pilots, both visiting and resident, to follow that will minimise any nuisance that our flying might cause to our neighbours. Accurately flying the published circuit patterns and following the published arrival and departure procedures means that you will not overfly noise sensitive areas.

Recently the Knowl Hill Residents Association have expressed concerns on their website over the noise levels from light aircraft.

We have a good relationship with our neighbours but this can only be maintained by flying considerately and avoiding the noise sensitive areas. Our comprehensive noise abatement procedures can be found here

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