Flying Abroad From White Waltham


Flying abroad from EGLM is both easy and pleasant PROVIDED you comply
with the procedures.

They are simple and become easy with practice.

A full list of all sites, forms, email addresses is provided throughout
this information.


1. FILE A FLIGHTPLAN (and check NOTAMS) – for every flight that crosses
an International border. (many find it easier to file both outbound and
inbound for day trips)

2. FILE A GAR and comply with Customs and Immigration rules of the
country or UK region you are flying to.

FOR return to the UK you must file the GAR at least 4 HOURS before

FOR Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland it is as
much as 12 HOURS before arrival, and you must refer to each region, and
submit your GAR accordingly.

3. COMPLY with Air Law with respect to your licence and the aircraft
documents and equipment.

Carry the aircraft documents.

4. ENTER AND EXIT Europe at an approved Port Of Entry (airport). Once
in Schengen area (EU) – you can fly around without GAR’s, but you MUST
leave for the UK from an approved Customs airport. ENSURE that all
passengers have passports.


1. Wear lifejackets, carry a liferaft, and carry a PLB if flying over

2. Check the website of your destination to see if the GAR is required
there and note the lead time.

3. Get PPR/briefing from your destination if required.

4. Carry hard copies of the destination and alternate plates. They are
available here

or from the iVAC app. These plates, along with destination websites
will give you fuel and customs information also.

MAKE SURE you know and use the VRP’s listed on the plates. The French
are avid about VRP’s and get very upset if you do not know them.

5. Carry your licence and passport when you go landside in Europe. Some
airports will NOT let you airside again without these.


SkyDemon, RocketRoute, AirNav Pro, SkyVector, EuroFPL are all good
online/app filing systems, some with NOTAMS (which are important). WLAC also has AFPeX (and a guide) in Flight Planning.

If in France, online planning is also available from Olivia for free

As a last resort in France, if no other method is available you can
telephone the regional centre (BRIA) at Bordeaux – provided your
aircraft has landed in France in the last 5 days – and file on the
phone +33 557 926 084 – but have all the answers to a normal flightplan
ready (i.e. departure time, from/to, alternates, endurance, time to
boundary, equipment etc.).

REMEMBER, when you take off in UK, note the time (UTC) and ask for the
flightplan to be opened. This can be by WLAC, London Information, or a
LARS unit (if they are not busy).

When you arrive at Port Of Entry ask them to close your flightplan.
Where possible get a copy of your flightplan(s).


GAR forms and instructions are available here

and from Channel Islands, Irish sites etc.

GAR can also be done here
and SkyDemon also has an integrated service.

You can file GAR’s online also here using BOTH addresses :


CARRY COPIES OF YOUR GAR. They are useful to show in any European
country. Check that your destination does not require GAR at special


Read the airfield plates carefully regarding fuel, opening hours and
customs requirements. They are constantly changing. If necessary ring
and ask. Most speak English. Some smaller airfields may only supply
fuel through Total cards, but if the Flying Club has one they may
permit you to use it for cash.

CARRY the French air to air cribsheet. The plate will show if French
only A/A – but do not be afraid to fly in French. They are

Check the NOTAMS either on SkyDemon or

or Olivia

IF you change your return time, make sure the flightplan time is
changed, also the GAR time.

Fuel drawback forms and information are available here to reclaim duty
for overseas flights