Flying Experience de Havilland Tiger Moth



Flying in this vintage 1933 RAF trainer is an awesome feeling.  This flying experience is a great gift for Father's day or any other day for that matter, what about Moth-er's day!  Your lesson will start with a briefing from the Instructor about the flying controls, safety procedures, basic flying physics and how to communicate with each other.  You will then be guided to the aircraft and strapped in ready for flight.  Once in the plane you will be given an explanation of the cockpit instruments.  The whole lesson will take approximately one and a half hours.

There will be lots of photo opportunities so don't forget to bring your camera Happy Customerand a friend to take the pictures especially once you are wearing our Irvin flying jacket, helmet and goggles!  There is no special clothing required but remember you will be spending time on an open airfield so dress to suit the weather on the day. As the Tiger Moth has an open cockpit flights are usually booked for the warmer months, but flight suits are provided for flights in colder weather meaning operations can take place all year round.

Flying Experience de Havilland Tiger Moth


A 20 minute flight is £175 and a 30 minute flight is £245.

Please note that all flights are timed from chocks away to engine shut down and are subject to weather and aircraft availability.

For more information please visit our dedicated Tiger Moth website Fly the de Havilland Tiger Moth

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