Runway 25/07

Our runways have chalk centre lines, these are easily worn out and become damaged especially in wet conditions. Please avoid putting your wheels on the centre lines. Runway 25/07 is 45 metres wide please land to the left or right!

Runway 25

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Google Earth Circuit 25LH

Runway 25 – After take-off follow the railway line to depart from the ATZ avoiding Knowl Hill and the golf course.  All turns should be made in the direction of the circuit (ie left) until clear of the ATZ.

OS Map Circuit 25LH

Runway 07

Google Earth Circuit 07RH

Runway 07 – After take-off, when overhead the perimeter track and when safe, turn onto 090 degrees magnetic.  Continue until East of Woodlands Park. If departing to the West or North, please do NOT  over fly the Church, White Waltham or Waltham St Lawrence.  Remain at 800ft QFE until clear of the circuit. Upwind LH departures are prohibited.

OS Map Circuit 07RH