Aerobatic Flight Experience



For this ultimate aerobatic flight you will fly in the high performance Extra 330LX. Being in one of these aircraft is a totally different experience. This aircraft is one of the best two seat aerobatic aircraft in the world and we are one of only a handful of schools in the world that conducts training in the 330LX. With a roll rate of 400 degrees per second this has the potential to be a serious roller coaster ride but of course you have the choice of how ‘mild or how wild’ you would like your flight to be.

We have a team of renowned world class aerobatic pilots based at White Waltham. This highly experienced team offer aerobatic flight experiences in the sensational Extra 330LX. This is a fast and powerful aeroplane with the ability to carry out some acute aerobatic manoeuvres such as barrel rolls, loops, wingover and stall turns.

Height Restrictions: minimum 5ft 4ins, maximum height is 6ft 5ins
• Maximum weight 17 stone
• Minimum age is 14 years
• Under 18s must be accompanied on site by an adult
• You must be physically fit and in good health
• If you have any health concerns you should contact your GP before taking part in this activity

20 Minute Aerobatic Flight Experience with pre-flight briefing and flying fundamentals   £299

30 Minute Aerobatic Flight Experience with pre-flight briefing and flying fundamentals   £399


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