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White Waltham Airfield is situated in a very built up area and close to the Heathrow CTR.  Although the airfield has been here for nearly 80 years, it is now nearly totally surrounded by a myriad of roads, railways and houses.  At West London Aero Club we take the issue of aircraft noise very seriously and have drawn up strict circuit and aerobatic procedures.   All pilots, whether members of WLAC or visiting, must read, understand and comply with these.  Please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of the instructors if there is anything you are not completely clear about.  Be considerate especially if you have a constant speed propeller.  Think noise abatement!

Operations are open from 08.00hrs local and closes just after last landings, typically at dusk in the winter and 19.30 in the summer. The airfield is licenced from 0700z until 18.30z In the summer we close at 19.30hrs local. Closing times may be earlier if weather conditions are considered unsuitable for flying training. PPR is therefore mandatory. Arriving aircraft should report their positions in relation to, but not necessarily overhead, the appropriate visual reporting points.

All our Arrival and Departure information can be found on our website here. Please ensure that you have read and understand these procedures before completing the PPR form below. WLAC Pilot Information. Please be aware that drone testing takes place at various locations within the airfield boundary up to a height of 400′ AAL and may be taking place at the thresholds of runways not in use.

To obtain PPR you must complete the form below and submit it ensuring that you provide all mandatory information. Once submitted, you will receive an email approving or denying PPR. If you have any problems at all then please contact our Ops department on 01628 823272.


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