PPL/LAPL Ground Exams

You will need to book one slot per ground exam. To book an exam, send an email to groundschool@wlac.co.uk with the required subject and the selected date and time. 

Exam sessions are scheduled on the following dates and times: 

Ground School Exam Sessions
Tues 5th15:30
Tues 5th16:30
Sun 10th17:30
Sun 10th 18:30
Thurs 14th15:30
Thurs 14th16:30
Thurs 21st 15:30
Thurs 21st16:30
Tues 26th15:30
Tues 26th16:30
Tues 2nd16:00
Tues 2nd17:00
Tues 9th17:30
Tues 9th18:30
Thurs 18th 16:00
Thurs 18th17:00
Tues 23rd 17:30
Tues 23rd18:30
Sun 28th19:00
Fri 3rd09:30
Fri 3rd10:30
Tues 7th16:00
Tues 7th17:00
Tues 14th16:00
Tues 14th17:00
Tues 21st15:30
Tues 21st16:30
Sun 26th17:30
Sun 26th18:30
Tues 28th17:30
Tues 28th18:30